Copy editing

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As part of our course design services, Missouri Online offers copy editing and proofreading to assist faculty in achieving the highest level of polish on their content.

Whether you want simple proofreading to catch typos or to ensure that copy conforms to specific guidelines, or you desire more extensive copy editing, our experienced staff is ready to perform either task. We are experienced in APA, AP Style and Chicago Manual of Style conventions.

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What's the difference between
copy editing and proofreading?

If you request copy editing, we will check for grammar, spelling, usage and punctuation, making sure your course conforms to a specified style guide such as AP Style or the Chicago Manual of Style, and if needed, perform or suggest rewrites to improve readability and correct any errors of fact.

Our proofreading services focus on scanning for minor formatting and typographical errors, including consistency of headings, tables and figures, without making or suggesting substantive changes to your course.