Professional development

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Missouri Online provides professional development opportunities for faculty offered by our Instructional Design and Academic Technology teams. Its purpose is to educate, prepare, and equip instructors with the skills and tools necessary for teaching and designing courses online. 

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OneHE is a resource that faculty from across UM System have access to in supporting you to enhance and continuously improve your teaching, whether in the classroom or online, or even somewhere in between.

OneHE recognizes that faculty are short on time and need practical approaches that they can take into their teaching practice right away. That’s why the key to OneHE’s approach is that you can discover something new in 20 minutes and also seek guidance from the experts and learning from a global community.

UM System is partnering with OneHE to give access to all faculty to courses and resources from a global community of educators. Once a member of OneHE, you can access the platform anytime with access to all content across the platform.

Online Teaching Certification Seminar

A 6-week course, intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to teach online for the University of Missouri System.

Online Teaching Recertification Seminar

A 3-week course, intended to build upon skills learned in the Online Teaching Certification Seminar.

Designing & building your online course

A 10-week course, intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to design and build a course for online delivery in Spring 2021 or thereafter.

Other workshops,
seminars & training