Embedding a Panopto Video in One Canvas before the consolidation to One Panopto

Media Panopto

Panopto links may not be working correctly in course sites that have been copied over to One CanvasThe vendor is currently working on a solution but we need to wait until Summer classes are over in order to make the change. We anticipate an implementation date around August 15. Once the solution is in place, Panopto videos will work as expected. 

Where can I find my older videos?


Your Kaltura videos are located in the Kaltura Content folder in your My Folder in your campus' Panopto instance. You may want to move them to another folder in Panopto as you organize your content.


Videos will be moved from each campus' Panopto instance to One Panopto in August.

  1. Go to the Panopto website for your campus.
  2. Click Browse to locate the video you want to embed (See Fig 1).
  3. Click Share (See Fig 1).

    Figure 1:  Sharing a Panopto video
  4.  Click Change to update the share setting for the video (See Fig 2).
    Figure 2: Share settings for a video
  5. Change the access to Your Organization (unlisted) (See Fig 3).
    Figure 3: Changing the sharing setting for the video
  6.  Click on the Embed icon (See Fig 4).
    Figure 4: Clicking the Embed code button
  7. Click Copy Embed Code (See Fig 5).
    Figure 5: Copying the embed code
  8. Go to your course in One Canvas.
  9. Edit the page in which you want to embed the video.
  10. Click the icon to open the HTML code. (See Fig 6) 
    Figure 6: Opening the html code in a Page.
  11. Paste the embed code from Panopto and then click Save or Save & Publish (See Fig 7).
    Figure 7: Saving the Canvas page.
  12. Preview of the Panopto video embedded in the Page (See Fig 8).
    Figure 8: Preview of the Panopto video embedded in the Page