Knowledge base

Photo of a man holding a light bulb over a keyboard, with graphics inside the light bulb such as gears and a brain

Missouri Online’s Knowledge Base of best practices, ideas, guides, and resources provides references for faculty interested in transformative digital learning experiences.


The design category encompasses the art and science of crafting effective online learning experiences. Faculty participants develop proficiency in designing engaging, accessible, and well-structured courses and materials. They also learn to align learning objectives, assessments, and activities to create meaningful and impactful learning opportunities for students.


The community category focuses on fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration in the online learning environment. Faculty participants learn to build strong connections with students, encourage interaction and engagement, and create a supportive online community that enhances the overall educational experience.


The inclusion category centers on creating an inclusive and equitable online learning environment. Faculty participants acquire the knowledge and skills to design accessible and diverse content, promote equity among students, and ensure that all learners have equal access to educational resources and opportunities.


The assessment category focuses on effective methods for assessing student learning and progress in online courses. Faculty participants learn to design different types of assignments, rubrics, and how and why to provide timely and constructive feedback for students to learn and grow from.