Sprint mini-courses for instructors

A teacher assists students in a classroom, one student looking up attentively while another focuses on her work, with more students studying in the background.

Missouri Online offers micro-credentials to faculty and staff as part of the Sprint Ahead program. Complete a single course badge, earn a master badge, or go for a program badge!

We offer self-paced mini-courses in four areas related to online teaching and learning: design, assessment, community, and inclusion. Each course uses the latest scholarship of teaching and learning and asks participants to design and/or develop instructional materials that align with current best practices. Over time, we plan to offer additional areas.

For each course badge, you’ll spend about three hours completing these activities in Canvas:

  1. Context: Review the latest information and guidance for each topic.
  2. Connect: Book a 1-hour virtual support appointment (via Microsoft Teams) with a Missouri Online instructional or media designer.
  3. Create: Create/update relevant instructional materials and share your work.

For a master badge, complete three courses of your choice in a single area. Earn all four master badges, and you’ll be awarded a Sprint Ahead program badge.

Enroll at any time through our Missouri Online Teaching Catalog or access descriptions and enrollment links at the bottom of this page. Participants need Missouri System login credentials. Please contact teachingonline@umsystem.edu with any questions.

Area 1 Design

Complete any 3 sprints in this section to earn the Design Master Badge.

Area 2 Assessment

Complete the 3 sprints in this section to earn the Assessment Master Badge.

Area 3 Community

Complete any 3 sprints in this section to earn the Community Master Badge.

Area 4 Inclusion

Complete any 3 sprints in this section to earn the Inclusion Master Badge.