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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Explore our new AI portal for comprehensive tools, guidelines, and resources on generative AI, along with the latest events and news.

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Online coursesupport

Need assistance with your course design? Interested in improving the learner experience in your course? Or are you looking for templates to use in Canvas? Design Services is here to assist.

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Training & certifications

Online teaching certification seminar

Faculty/instructors are invited to register for upcoming sessions of the Online Teaching Certification Seminar, which is offered periodically throughout the year.

Online teaching recertification seminar

A 3-week course, intended to build upon skills learned in the Online Teaching Certification Seminar.

Sprint mini-courses for instructors

Join our new fully autonomous and asynchronous instructor development program.

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Academic TechnologiesSupport

Our Academic Technologies team is ready to help you use the appropriate teaching and learning technologies in your online courses.

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Staff blog

Faculty spotlight: Badri Adhikari

Learn more about UMSL faculty Badri Adhikari and the new educational tool he developed to help students understand why they excel or struggle in their writing and coding tasks.

Digital accessibility is inclusive teaching — UDOIT can help!

UDOIT is a tool for scanning your Canvas site, finding and addressing accessibility barriers, and even providing alternate formats for your course materials.

Free generative AI for education: Three tools to get started

This presentation features short demos of free tools using OpenAI's latest language model and a conversational AI-powered search engine.

Beyond Panopto: Crafting compelling educational videos

This presentation demonstrates the creation of engaging educational videos using Adobe Express, highlighting its features and the benefits of incorporating videos into teaching practices. 

Navigating online proctoring: Introducing HonorLock

At UM System, we value academic integrity and diverse student needs. We're excited to introduce HonorLock, a new online proctoring tool ensuring secure and fair assessments.

The end or the beginning? Reframing the future of writing assignments in the age of AI

In this presentation, Kirk Wilkins offers a research-based framework to inspire instructors to renew their teaching practices in the age of AI.