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The One Button Studio contains a number of tools to help improve your video quality

One Button Studio at UMSL

Our new One Button Studio is now available for all UMSL faculty to record high-quality instructional videos. Schedule your time in the studio today!

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Academic Technology

Our Academic Technology team is ready to help you use the appropriate teaching and learning technologies in your online courses.

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Workshops &

Online Teaching Certification Seminar

A 6-week course, intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to teach online for the University of Missouri System.

Online Teaching Recertification Seminar

A 3-week course, intended to build upon skills learned in the Online Teaching Certification Seminar.

Designing & building your online course

A 10-week course, intended for faculty/instructors who have the responsibility to design and build a course for online delivery in Spring 2021 or thereafter.

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Online course

Need assistance with your course design? Interested in developing an online program? Or are you looking for templates to use in your Canvas course? Our Program and Course Design Services teams are here to assist.

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