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Stay up to date with the most recent presentations and research from Missouri Online staff.

Beyond Panopto: Crafting compelling educational videos

This presentation demonstrates the creation of engaging educational videos using Adobe Express, highlighting its features and the benefits of incorporating videos into teaching practices. 

The end or the beginning? Reframing the future of writing assignments in the age of AI

In this presentation, Kirk Wilkins offers a research-based framework to inspire instructors to renew their teaching practices in the age of AI.

Webinar: Create your own interactive content with Pressbooks and H5P

This recorded webinar focuses on how to use Open Educational Resources (OER) creation tools provided and supported by the UM System.

Webinar: Effective video strategies for online courses

Explore the powerful role of video in cultivating teacher credibility and effectiveness in your asynchronous online courses.

Webinar: Trailblazing with Articulate Storyline

In this recorded webinar, we took a virtual field trip to learn how a team of MU researchers & instructional designers engaged geology students with an interactive virtual field experience.

Webinar: The power of multimedia in the era of generative AI

In this recorded webinar, we discussed the ways in which generative AI is changing the creation, modification, and curation of diverse media forms.

Webinar: Designing HyFlex multimodal learning environments

This recorded webinar provides a brief introduction to designing HyFlex multimodal learning environments, which allow students the flexibility to choose their mode of instruction.

Webinar: Active learning with digital escape games

This recorded webinar includes a brief discussion on student engagement, an escape game activity, and a tutorial for developing your own simple game using Google Forms.

Webinar: Authentic pedagogy in the age of AI (II)

In this recorded webinar, we discuss ways to incorporate authentic learning and assessment into your online course in the brave new world of AI. 

Webinar: Less Zoom doom - Designing sensational synchronous sessions

Zoom meetings don’t need to be anonymous, watered-down versions of in-person classes. In this recorded session, we explore high-engagement, active learning strategies for live class discussions using tools in Zoom...

Webinar: Authentic pedagogy in the age of AI (I)

In this recorded webinar, participants learned how to incorporate authentic learning and assessment into their online courses in the brave new world of AI.

Webinar: Academic integrity in the age of AI

As an online instructor, you want to trust that your students’ work reflects their honest efforts and abilities, but in the age of AI, you might fear that cheating is...

Hacking Canvas Commons for Better Resource Sharing

Learn how Missouri Online combines Canvas Commons, the Canvas LMS, and our public website to organize and distribute course templates and other design resources to faculty. This presentation demonstrated how...

Interactive video tools for scenario-based learning

In November 2022, Liz du Plessis, Instructional Designer for Missouri Online, presented "Interactive Video Tools for Scenario-Based Learning: Walkthroughs of Storyline, Camtasia, and H5P" as a pre-recorded, on-demand session for...

A Recipe for Remote STEM Learning: Bringing Lab Learning Experiences to Life in a Fully Virtual Modality

In March 2023, Missouri Online staff, along with faculty from Missouri S&T, presented A Recipe for Remote STEM Learning: Bringing Lab Learning Experiences to Life in a Fully Virtual Modality...

Cure your discussion board blues

Online discussion boards present unique opportunities for dynamic and interactive online instruction, yet come with their own set of distinct challenges. On September 30, 2022, Dr. Laura March and Dr...

Collaborative Annotation of Digital Texts for Education

Digital annotation tools offer ways to foster collaboration and disciplinary literacy skills using a Reading Apprenticeship framework. In this session Dr. Liz du Plessis shares her experiences using the free...

Level Up! Gamifying an asynchronous course on designing games for learning

Digital games in asynchronous adult education present unique challenges to how we design instruction that is both authentic and engaging. In Fall 2021, we gamified an asynchronous course on designing...