Illustration of online students brainstorming in a virtual setting.

The community category focuses on fostering a sense of belonging and collaboration in the online learning environment. Faculty participants learn to build strong connections with students, encourage interaction and engagement, and create a supportive online community that enhances the overall educational experience.

Large online courses

These online teaching best practices address the challenges in teaching high enrollment online courses.

Synchronous online courses

Successfully incorporating synchronous sessions into an online course involves intentionally planning when, where, how, and why you and your students are going to interact with one another in the virtual space.  

Discussion boards

Our online discussion board resource page describes how to build a learning community, provide structure, and use resources and strategies for handling potential emergencies.

Building teacher credibility

Building teacher credibility in higher education is essential for fostering a positive learning environment.

Welcoming students to the online course

Welcoming students to an online course is a pivotal step in establishing a positive and engaging learning community.