Illustration of figures interacting with an online course on a computer screen

The design category encompasses the art and science of crafting effective online learning experiences. Faculty participants develop proficiency in designing engaging, accessible, and well-structured courses and materials. They also learn to align learning objectives, assessments, and activities to create meaningful and impactful learning opportunities for students.

Generative AI

This resource explores what generative AI means for our teaching and students’ learning.

HyFlex best practices

HyFlex is an instructional teaching model that allows students to choose their mode of instruction based on their own needs.

Universal design

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum development that gives all students equal opportunities to learn.

Canvas course navigation

These recommendations for the Course Navigation Menu are based on a review of User Experience (UX) studies and experiences of Missouri Online faculty and instructional designers.

Course structure

How you structure your course can help you make decisions about content. This page includes guides to help you think about how you want your course to flow. 

Instructional modes

Missouri Online has a variety of course instructional modes- online, hybrid, and traditional- to meet the needs of students and faculty.

Objectives and alignment

When considering the learning process, there are subtle differences between goals and objectives. Being able to identify these differences can assist faculty in fine-tuning the overall roadmap of a course.