Course design

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Through close collaboration with the University of Missouri System faculty, our designers can help you design purposeful learning objectives, create engaging course objects and facilitate meaningful course design.

Whether you wish to design a new online course, redesign an existing online course, or seek expertise on designing lessons, we are available to help. Our instructional and media designers collaborate with you to:

  • Align instructional material, learning activities and assessments with stated learning objectives (at course and program level).
  • Create learning activities that help learners better engage with course content and their peers, make connections, understand and retain new information, practice skills, and apply concepts.
  • Maximize student access, learning and engagement by incorporating Universal Design for Learning and other evidence-based teaching practices. Create engaging and accessible multimedia (e.g., videos, animations, infographics, etc.).
  • Pedagogically integrate Canvas and other University-supported educational technologies and resources to enhance your instructional strategy and student learning. Organize your content in Canvas so that it is easy for students to access and navigate.
  • Implement strategies to reduce the amount of time spent on preparing materials and grading while teaching (e.g., rubrics).

We will be happy to meet with you to provide course design assistance. Based on your specific course design needs, our level of support can range from individual consultations to a more structured course design process.

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Programmatic support

Whether you are part of a new online program aiming for cohesive course development or an established online program striving for consistency, Missouri Online is here to support you. 

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Guided course design & development

In a Guided Course Design & Development project, you will partner with a designer to walk through each step of designing and building your online course, all while receiving 1:1 guidance and support throughout the entire course development process.