Knowledge base

Photo of a man holding a light bulb over a keyboard, with graphics inside the light bulb such as gears and a brain

Missouri Online’s knowledge base of best practices, ideas, guides, and resources provides references for faculty interested in transformative digital learning experiences.

Alternative assessments toolkit

An overview of supported options for proctored testing as well as ideas for alternative assessments.

Synchronous online courses

Successfully incorporating synchronous sessions into an online course involves intentionally planning when, where, how, and why you and your students are going to interact with one another in the virtual space.  

Large online courses

These online teaching best practices address the challenges in teaching high enrollment online courses.

Student engagement

Learn more about keeping your students engaged through interactive course design and the incorporation of sequenced and varied assessments.

Universal design

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum development that gives all students equal opportunities to learn.

Accessibility guides

These accessibility guides have been developed by Missouri Online to assist instructors who are creating accessible content in their courses.

Objectives and alignment

When considering the learning process, there are subtle differences between goals and objectives. Being able to identify these differences can assist faculty in fine-tuning the overall roadmap of a course.

Instructional modes

Missouri Online has a variety of course instructional modes- online, hybrid, and traditional- to meet the needs of students and faculty.

Course design resources

Designing meaningful learning experiences that enable the learner to achieve the desired learning outcome is a skill developed and strengthened over time. These resources are designed to help you take a goal-oriented approach to your course planning activities.

Research resources

This collection of academic journal articles and research resources support your online teaching.