Instructor bootcamps

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Whether you are a seasoned instructor or new to online teaching, you know that there’s an endless amount of information about how you can enhance the online experience for your students. But how do you know where to start? Or where to go next?

For all instructors of all experience levels, we have developed a series of bootcamps, which are short training sessions on Zoom that cover different technology we use and provide support on. The 55-minute courses include the same content as our standard courses but consolidate all our offerings into a short time frame in an order that will maximize your learning.

You can take all or just the ones that pique your interest.

Upcoming Bootcamps

Our full Instructor Bootcamp offered each August and January, includes almost 20 sessions designed to catch you up or teach you something new with immediate application. Offerings encompass everything from a Canvas overview to more specialized courses on VoiceThread or Turnitin.

Our Media Bootcamp, offered in early fall and early winter, includes sessions on our primary media technologies: Panopto, VoiceThread and Zoom. We know it’s hard to fit everything in at once right before classes start, so we wanted to give you another chance to learn some new ways to communicate with your students.

Our Assessment Bootcamp offered those same months, includes sessions on tools used to assess your student’s knowledge. Canvas Group and Peer Assignments, gradebook training, proctoring and plagiarism tools, as well as Canvas Analytics, are available to name a few.

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Year-roundTraining sessions

If you aren’t able to participate in all classes during Bootcamp, or just need a refresher, you can take advantage of our robust training schedule throughout the semester.

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If none of these options work for you, we are always available to meet one-on-one via Zoom to review any topics you would like to discuss.