Anandhi Upendran: BETA training program

A layered image of digital graphs, a stethoscope, pen, and computer keyboard, symbolizing medical data analysis.

In our latest faculty spotlight video, Anandhi Upendran discusses the Biomedical Entrepreneurship Training Program for Aging (BETA), which is a National Institute of Aging (NIA/NIH) funded training program administered at the University of Missouri. The program is designed to merge the areas of biomedical science and entrepreneurship with a keen focus on aging. Since its inception in June 2023, the BETA program has been a testament to innovative education in the life sciences.

In this video, Anandhi shares her initial apprehensions and the overwhelming positive feedback the program has received. She highlights how BETA equips students and professionals with entrepreneurial skills crucial for technology transfer in biomedical fields, as well as the collaborative support from Missouri Online instructional designers that have been vital to the program's success. 

Visit the BETA program's webpage to learn more about the program.