Academic technology

ChatGPT & Generative AI

The implications of new, generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs, most notably ChatGPT, are sending shockwaves rippling across the field of education.

Using the Canvas Request System

Within all Canvas courses, there are courses that are for-credit and courses that serve more as an informational role. It can be confusing when we say Canvas course to talk about things like an

Announcing Bootcamps for instructors

Our new bootcamps include the same content as our standard courses but consolidate all our offerings in a one-week time frame in an order that will maximize your learning.

Restoring Kaltura videos in One Canvas

Having trouble finding your Kaltura videos in One Canvas? Please follow the steps in this post to find where your Kaltura videos have been placed in Panopto in your Canvas course.

Understanding Canvas course roles and permissions

Wondering what roles you or your colleagues can have in One Canvas? A Canvas user may be assigned to one of nine different course roles, some of which flow automatically from Peoplesoft.