Beyond Panopto: Crafting compelling educational videos

A laptop on a desk displays a video play button. Nearby are a steaming coffee mug, pencils in a cup, eraser, and sticky notes, with a plant in the background.

This presentation explores the effectiveness of educational videos and the tools available beyond Panopto that can enhance video engagement and interactivity. The presentation demonstrates the creation of engaging educational videos using Adobe Express, highlighting its features and the benefits of incorporating videos into teaching practices. 

By the end of the session, participants will understand how to craft compelling videos that foster communication and connection with students, enhancing their online learning experience.


Elmer Ragus

Elmer Ragus, Ed.D.

Instructional Designer II

Elmer is an instructional designer in the Program and Course Design Services. His research interests and expertise include Active Learning in Higher Education, Adult Learning Theories, Online Course Design, Online Learning Communities, and Qualitative Methodology.