Free generative AI for education: Three tools to get started

A student's silhouette intertwines with a futuristic AI construct, symbolizing the future of education where minds and machines learn together

What can you do for free with generative artificial intelligence (AI) to foster innovative teaching and student engagement? 

This presentation provides short demos of free versions of tools based on OpenAI’s latest language model (ChatGPT-4o and Microsoft Copilot using Bing and the Edge browser sidebar) and a search engine that uses AI to provide answers to questions in a conversational format (

Liz du Plessis shares practical AI assignments she created for her online history class for Mizzou students. These assignments offer students opportunities to use AI to improve their writing skills, prepare questions for oral history interviews, and simulate practice interviews.

Additional resources

  • Preview Liz’s assignments on this public Canvas site. The module is also available to instructors in Canvas Commons.
  • Read about generative AI on the Missouri Online website.


Liz DuPlessis

Liz du Plessis, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Manager of Instructional Design

Liz du Plessis is a Manager of Instructional Design for Missouri Online. She is committed to supporting faculty in the cultivation of equity-minded online learning experiences that support the needs of diverse students. She is proud to have nearly 20 years of experience teaching college History across modalities on a part-time basis and is adjunct faculty in the Department of History at the University of Missouri-Columbia.