Webinar: Less Zoom doom - Designing sensational synchronous sessions

Male student wearing headphones interacting with his instructor in a live synchronous session

Zoom meetings don’t need to be anonymous, watered-down versions of in-person classes. In this recorded session, we explore high-engagement, active learning strategies for live class discussions using tools in Zoom and Canvas.

Recorded October 26, 2023.

Teacher with computer having video conference chat with student and class group.

Sprint 3.B Less Zoom doom, more engagement

In this sprint, participants will discover a variety of high-engagement, active learning strategies for effective class discussions that they can employ in (and around) their synchronous meetings by taking advantage of tools already available in Zoom and Canvas.

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Generative AI

This resource explores what generative AI means for our teaching and students’ learning.

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Synchronous online courses

Successfully incorporating synchronous sessions into an online course involves intentionally planning when, where, how, and why you and your students are going to interact with one another in the virtual space.  


Dasha Kochuk

Dasha Kochuk M.S.

Instructional Designer III

Dasha Kochuk is the Instructional Designer in Program and Course Design Services. Her interests include user/learner experiences, human-centered design and pedagogy, and formulating design solutions.

Manon Allard-Kropp

Manon Allard-Kropp

Instructional Designer II

Manon is an Instructional Designer in the Program and Course Design Services. Her interests include foreign language pedagogy, course design and development, active learning, and accessible and inclusive learning environments