New module organizer templates now available

Illustrated figures interacting with time management concepts such as a clock, checklist, and calendar

Missouri Online is pleased to announce the availability of two new multi-week module organizer templates for your Canvas courses. These organizers, for both 8 and 16 weeks, are intended for modules that contain multiple weeks within them. These templates are free to use and work well as visual representations to help your students quickly identify the week and corresponding module for course topics. 

These organizer templates are a wonderful addition to our collection of Canvas templates for improved navigation and student comprehension.

Multi-week Module Organizer | 8 Weeks
A screenshot example of our new multi-week module organizers.

How to access our templates

  1. Log in to Canvas.
  2. Select the Canvas Commons link from the global navigation menu.

    Screenshot showing the Commons link in Canvas
  3. Search for “Missouri Online” in the search bar in Canvas Commons, then find the specific template you're looking for.



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