Experience design

Student resource templates in Canvas Commons

Our latest templates include topics such as how to prepare for group projects, best practices for participating in discussion boards, and tips for succeeding in your online course.

Crafting authentic learning experiences with the LX Canvas

The LX Canvas is used to create improved learning experiences by breaking each one down into categories, including the people involved, the resources available, and the process used to arrive at the intended learning outcome.

Redesigning for accessibility

Missouri Online designers usually come across unique requests regarding existing course redesigns. Among them, occasionally we work on a course where the faculty members have already implemented extensive visual design into their course but seek help ensuring that it is accessible to all students. In such cases, as creative learning...

Jam on! Using Jamboard in Canvas

Online courses have had a moment during this pandemic. Even now, many learners who have found a stride online are rethinking their in-person commitments. They’re also asking fundamental questions, like: “What do I get from this inflexible course that demands I wake up before noon?”