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Course materials include textbooks, multimedia, journal articles and websites. Your campus library provides access to many licensed online resources including research databases, e-books, films and images.

In an effort to provide a more engaging learning experience for students, faculty should strive to use a variety of instructional materials, including instructor-created content (e.g., Panopto videos, PowerPoint slides or Word documents). By including a variety of instructional materials and alternative means to access those materials, instructors meet the needs of diverse learners.

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Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are learning tools that exist in the public domain or are released with intellectual property licenses (usually Creative Commons) allowing their free use, continuous improvement and modification by others.

The OER Commons and MERLOT are digital libraries with expansive collections of open course materials free for you to use in your class. Instructors may contribute to these sites to share their own open educational resources.

The Canvas Commons serves as another source for OER materials. The content stored in the Canvas Commons is generated by Canvas users across multiple education institutions using Canvas. Within the Canvas Commons, instructors may locate educational content to import directly into a Canvas course. Instructors may also contribute to the Canvas Commons by sharing their content.

Pressbooks is a professional self-publishing platform for creating open textbooks. It is available to University of Missouri system instructors for creating open online resources quickly and easily.

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