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The inclusion category centers on creating an inclusive and equitable online learning environment. Faculty participants acquire the knowledge and skills to design accessible and diverse content, promote equity among students, and ensure that all learners have equal access to educational resources and opportunities.

Accessibility guides

These accessibility guides have been developed by Missouri Online to assist instructors who are creating accessible content in their courses.

Affordable & open educational resources

By including a variety of instructional materials and alternative means to access those materials, instructors meet the needs of diverse learners.

Sprint at a glance: Plain language writing

Plain language refers to clear, concise, and easily understandable communication that prioritizes accessibility without sacrificing depth or complexity of ideas.

Universal design for learning (UDL)

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for curriculum development that gives all students equal opportunities to learn.

Sprint mini-courses

Campus offices of disability and inclusion

Supportive staff on your local campus is only a click away! Contact your local offices of accessibility for more information. 


The LX Canvas is used to create improved learning experiences by breaking each one down into categories, including the people involved, the resources available, and the process used to arrive at the intended learning outcome.

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Christina Carney, Assistant Professor in Women's & Gender Studies at MU, shares how she uses the WikiEdu Wikipedia Student Program's free tools and training in her classes.

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Missouri Online designers usually come across unique requests regarding existing course redesigns. Among them, occasionally we work on a course where the faculty members have already implemented extensive visual design into their course but seek help ensuring that it is accessible to all students. In such cases, as creative learning designers, we try to keep the essence of their design while specifically improving it for responsive and accessible viewing purposes.

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UDOIT will scan your Canvas course site and catch issues that can present barriers for students with some disabilities.

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