Proctored exams

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When it is time to take an exam for your course, you will need to arrange for test proctoring, which means that your test will be supervised via a remote proctoring system. You also may be able to discuss an alternative assessment for your exam. Either way, our instructors will work with you to find the best solution.

For assistance with proctored exams, email (Mizzou, UMKC, UMSL students) or (Missouri S&T students).


Most courses that require online proctoring will use Honorlock. Honorlock is a remote proctoring system that uses advanced machine learning and facial detection technology to ensure test integrity. The program is optimized to protect your security and privacy while providing a proctored environment to replace classroom testing.

You'll take your exam on your own computer via the internet; exam sessions will be recorded and a live “pop-in” Honorlock proctor may interact with you if warranted. Recordings will be made available to your instructor, who can review them as needed.

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Alternative assessment

If your instructor has chosen to administer a proctored exam using Honorlock, and you lack a stable and strong internet connection, a webcam and microphone, you need to contact your instructor about an alternative assessment. The alternative assessment format will be up to your instructor, who will provide you with a take-home exam, a paper or another assignment.

Self-paced exams (Mizzou students only)

Accommodations for exams

If disability-related accommodations are necessary (for example, a note taker, extended time on exams, captioning), please register with the Mizzou Disability Center and send a copy of your Memo of Accommodation to your instructor with sufficient notice prior to your first exam.