Artificial intelligence (AI)

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Generative AI has rapidly expanded and significantly impacted higher education. Use the links below to explore the available resources for harnessing the power of AI in your teaching and learning activities.

generative ai

Generative AI tools

This page includes a list of standard AI tools and instructions on how to use them.

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Generative AI policies

Learn about UM System and campus policies on conduct, academic integrity, privacy, and accessibility for ethical AI use in education.

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Generative AI for faculty

Access a suite of AI tools and resources tailored for you, empowering your teaching with innovative solutions.

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Generative AI for students

Discover AI tools and resources designed to enhance your learning while adhering to ethical guidelines and university policies.

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Generative AI events

Discover upcoming events, webinars, and presentations focused on generative AI within the University of Missouri System.


Generative AI news

Stay informed with the latest news and updates on generative AI advancements, projects, and initiatives across the University of Missouri System.