Hands on a laptop.

We’ve been connecting students with life-changing online education for a long time, so we know what you need to thrive. While all students have different needs, this overview will help you set up a learning environment that works for you.

How online courses work

Online courses might include weekly assignments and interaction with the instructor and your peers, or courses you can do on your own time. 

You can access your course through your assigned learning platform. Then you can finish and upload your assignments depending on the schedule. Your instructor may require you to take a proctored exam, which involves downloading software that will ensure the integrity of your work. Learn more about exam proctoring.

Hardware and software requirements

As you make decisions about which courses to take, keep in mind that you will need access to a computer and an updated browser. You also may need to install specific programs to complete your assignments. We always recommend testing your computer setup a few days before you start a course or take an exam.

Student information system and email

Beyond your online course platforms, you will gain access to our student information system, which serves as a hub to connect you with course details, enrollment information, financial aid and other records. You’ll also receive important university communications through your email account, which you’ll set up soon after you join us.


Our online courses are designed to be accessible to all students, including those using assistive technologies. If you need further support with assistive technologies or other services, contact Disability Services at your university: