Generative AI for faculty

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Implementing AI In your classroom

Access a suite of AI tools and resources tailored for you, empowering your teaching with innovative solutions.

AI in Education. Digital book opening, with AI code and interactive elements. Integration of AI in transforming traditional educational materials into interactive learning experiences

Implementation strategies with AI

Empower your teaching with AI by exploring our resources, designed to optimize your implementation in the classroom and enrich your student's learning journey. 

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Generative AI classroom guidelines

Uphold academic integrity and ethics in your AI applications, ensuring your students engage with technology in a responsible and principled manner.

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Lesson plans and course preparation

Enhance your teaching with AI-integrated strategies, streamlining your lesson planning and course preparation to deliver personalized, efficient learning experiences for your students.

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AI syllabus information

The information here was compiled by Missouri Online staff to assist instructors in creating syllabus statements and considering their students' needs.

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Detecting AI plagiarism

Learn about AI plagiarism detection, including AI detectors, their reliability, privacy concerns, and key indicators when evaluating papers.

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Accuracy and biases of output

Encourage, scaffold, and discuss the critical engagement and use of generative AI tools with students to enhance their learning and workflow.