Generative AI for students

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Guidelines for students

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How to use AI ethically, responsibly and safely

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Researching papers and projects

ChatGPT and the Research Process: An Annotated Conversation

UMSL suggests ways to leverage Chat GPT as a research tool.

Using AI In your classes

As you use artificial intelligence applications in your course work, be aware that how you use it needs to be done within an ethical framework that also includes a culture of Academic Integrity and University policies and guidelines. It is also important to protect yourself and your data as you use these applications. At this time, the University is still evaluating the privacy and security risks they pose. 

Academic integrity

Academic Integrity covers a variety of topics but, in regard to AI, is primarily concerned with plagiarism and cheating. The Code of Conduct specifically prohibits most uses of AI in coursework unless explicitly permitted by the instructor. Always check with them if uncertain. For specific campus policies and resources see our Guidelines and Policies page.

Digital Literacy: Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT provides a decision tree you can use to help understand when you can and cannot use AI in your classes. 

Citing generative AI

These resources will help you learn to correctly cite use of AI in your coursework. Your instructors may have additional methods or require additional information. When in doubt, check the syllabus and ask your instructor. 


There are many aspects to AI ethics. Those that most directly affect students involve cheating and plagiarism, bias, and privacy. See our Guidelines and Policies page for specific campus policies and guidance on cheating and plagiarism. 

AI graduate certificates

Graduate certificate in AI and machine learning

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Graduate Certificate in AI Machine Learning and Automation in Business

Artificial Intelligence Graduate Certificate