Creative services

Close up ux developer and ui designer use augmented reality brainstorming about mobile app interface

The Missouri Online media design team offers numerous creative services, including the design and build of Canvas courses, graphic design, video and media production, UX design, template development, and the production of interactive online learning modules. With the inclusion of accessible learning support, our media designers are committed to collaborating with faculty to create meaningful learning experiences. 

User experience design

Our dedicated staff have the resources and expertise to help you plan and create pedagogically sound imagery and interactive components to enhance the learning experience for your students.

Video production

From ideation to production, we offer a variety of services to help produce effective, engaging instructional videos for your online courses.


Explore our collection of Canvas templates including course, module, and page templates, all created by Missouri Online designers.

In addition, you can find syllabus templates specific to each campus, and...

Recent blog posts

New module organizer templates now available

Missouri Online is pleased to announce the availability of two new multi-week module organizer templates for your Canvas courses.

Student resource templates in Canvas Commons

Our latest templates include topics such as how to prepare for group projects, best practices for participating in discussion boards, and tips for succeeding in your online course.

Crafting authentic learning experiences with the LX Canvas

The LX Canvas is used to create improved learning experiences by breaking each one down into categories, including the people involved, the resources available, and the process used to arrive...