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Recent AI blog posts

How to use AI for better image accessibility

This article gives examples of how to use AI tools to generate alternative text and text descriptions for images, making your course content accessible to all students.

Artificial intelligence (AI) spring webinar series

Join us for an artificial intelligence (AI) webinar series held throughout the spring f rom February through May.

Teaching in the time of AI

Eight months after the introduction of ChatGPT, it is in widespread faculty and student use, has raised cheating concerns, created the need to reframe or revise assignments, and raised numerous...

Additional resources

  • Resources for teaching and learning in the era of generative AI
    This page is a comprehensive list of teaching and learning resources for generative AI, including examples, syllabi statements, instructions for writing prompts, designing assessments, and much more.
  • MU Campus Writing Program
    The Campus Writing Program at the University of Missouri provides instructors with guidelines on integrating ChatGPT into writing intensive classrooms, including recommendations for fostering academic integrity and critical thinking through assignment design that engages with AI-generated writing.
  • Detecting artificial intelligence (AI) plagiarism
    In the realm of higher education and college learning environments, the emergence of AI-generated plagiarism complicates academic integrity efforts, as these sophisticated models can craft seemingly original content that evades conventional plagiarism checkers. Universities and colleges now face the imperative task of adapting and employing novel detection methods to discern between student-authored and AI-produced texts.
  • AI & student code of conduct syllabus information
    The information contained here was put together by Missouri Online staff to help instructors with the information they need to consider for their students and what they may need to include in Syllabus statements.
  • Past webinar recordings on generative AI
    Missouri Online has hosted multiple sessions regarding generative AI in teaching and learning. This page includes a full list of all the recorded sessions.
  • Teaching Tools articles on generative AI
    This page includes all of the articles related to generative AI on our Teaching Tools website.